Star Crossed Others is the first release from what I hope will be an ongoing collaboration with Oleg Gaponov and Oleg Tolstolutsky of Rostov-on-Don, Russia. These contemporary songs and meditations on time, memory and loss are flavored with the rich musical traditions of the Cossacks, ranging from straight-ahead folk-rock to exotic sound collages. You can download the album here.

Sara Ayers: Ambient Collaborations is a compilation of ambient works I've created over the past ten years with stellar musicians from around the world, including Ryuta.K, Falling You, Jeff Sampson, Mindspawn, Nebula Drone and Star Crossed Others. It's available as a free download on Endless Ascent.

The Glimmer Room remixed my vocals to create "Don't Tempt Me," a gorgeous and spooky swirl of sound, for A-Frame Media's Framework compilation.

Kyzyl To Samarkand is a 5-song, 51-minute CD created with experimental ambient musician Ryuta.K. Download available from Musiczeit.

Thrice Thy Heart Shall Broken Be is a 3-song CD EP created with Embracing The Glass vocalist Jeff Sampson. Available from Amazon or iTunes.

Nebula Drone, a German trio whose music is similar to Tangerine Dream, late Roxy Music and Philip Glass, used some of my samples in a live performance. You can hear the results here

Mindspawn and I collaborated on some atmospheric pieces: "Clouds (Parts 1 and 2)" and "Fog," all available here.

"The Canoe and the Waterfall" by Falling You: An exquisitely stark, contemplative ambient piece.

Figura is a talented, energetic Russian trio that remixed six of my songs (the remixes are available here.)

DrewK's remix, Trapped In Ayer is a hypnotic, beat-filled excursion through the land of dreams.

Delphium is Jonathan Forde's dark ambient project, and I contributed vocals for his CD, Dead on the Inside. Find out more here: Hibou Records.

Hyperdriver and I collaborated on a piece called "Contradiction in Sound (Beauty and the Beast)" and it's not for the faint of heart -- operatic vocals and noise -- turn down your headphones before listening to this one.